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Back to the Drawing Board!

Back to the Drawing Board!


Hey loves - Happy Monday! I hope you’re feeling well today inside and out. I’m so glad you stopped by!

During our last chatty blog post, I shared with you how I feel life is constantly proving itself to be a test, and how we’re all students at UOL (the University of Life). Being that we’re all students, we’re all still learning.

I’ve noticed a lot of times this year that I attempt to create goals for myself without the proper education from University of Life. Financially, this year has been very challenging for me. I moved out with little money saved, and poor money habits (I like to shop and purchase $6 smoothies).

Now, I’m on the quest to do better. I’ve decided to go back to the “drawing board” with spending. What is a life full of luxury items, if you don’t have investments? Or a closet full of great clothes, but an empty bank account? Treating yourself is awesome, but there’s got to be some balance!

I’ve re-arranged my drawing board; my plans for spending the entire month of October. Starting October 1st, I will be sticking to a budget. Believe it or not, I’ve never actually created one! (Don’t tell my mom).

I’m challenging myself to not only stick to a budget, but not spend at all if I don’t have to. That means no Tropical Smoothie, Target, or Tj Maxx runs.

To be completely honest and transparent, comparison and wanting to look good is what got me to this point of not being as responsible as I should be with my coins! My thought process with buying an item is usually; “Omg I can post this for a blog look.” Breaking News: Shopping malls and restaurants will live (very comfortably) without your money every week.


It’s time to be less of a consumer, and more of a creator of the life I desire and deserve. I originally was ashamed of my financial status; from my job (Medical Assisting full time), to my very scarce savings account that I dip into way too often. I often questioned why can’t I just earn more money?!

But, I’m deciding to no longer be mean to me about past mistakes. I know God is going to put awesome opportunities on my path with my encouragement passions, but I have to learn how to be financially responsible first. Why get a financial increase just to blow it at Target? I work hard, and it’s time to have things to show for, for that hard work!

My financial drawing board was a complete mess, but now it has a plan written out that I vow to stick to. I can’t wait to share more of this journey with you all. Cheers to being responsible and stable!

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