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To all the Tests I’ve Failed

To all the Tests I’ve Failed


Hey everyone- I hope your week is in the midst of being awesome! I just wanted to share some lessons I’ve recently realized I’ve learned from what has seemed like failure. Because we’ve all been there. Feeling disappointed in ourselves and wondering where we went wrong, but it’s so important we don’t stay still in that place of frustration!

Test taking has been a major part of our lives from spelling tests in grade school, to tests in middle and high school, and huge exams in college that can make or break our experience. I’ve come to the realization that the test taking actually never stops! Even as a college graduate, I still take tests all the time. In fact, I’m still a student. A student at the university of life!

Do you remember how instructors handed back lower scores with the test or assignment face down? You knew you failed. It’s almost as if they were trying to help you brace for what you were about to take in.

Although we may not still be at those creaky desks getting bad scores face down, we still do poorly on certain tests. Thankfully, that grace is still there! My truth is that God gives me tests and assignments that I don’t always pass. He may not have a tangible item to let me know I failed, but he still braces my disappointment. He also helps me learn from each fail. Lately I’ve been only feeling like I’m failing due to my own timeline of where I think I should be. I’ve learned 3 important lessons in this season to keep things in perspective:

  1. All tests and assignments are not one in the same. Don’t attempt the same answers, and don’t be quickly angered when you don’t immediately know the answer.
  2. All tests and assignments aren’t always meant to be passed. Yes! Sometimes, God puts obstacles on our paths just so we can seek him whole heartedly because he misses us!
  3. There ultimately is no failing grade when it comes to being a student of life. When you truly only strive to improve you can only go up from what you feel you’ve done poorly on. Stop judging yourself so much!

I hope this has delighted you today! It surely helped me. I am a proud Christian and God is my source, however I do not mean to force any of my ideologies on anyone! This can be applied to everyone of all religions!

Thank you so much for stopping by! Keep taking those tests!



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