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False Starts + Patience

False Starts + Patience

What's a Testimony with a Test?!


Hey loves -Happy Monday! *pause for dramatic effects* 

Okay so, it’s definitely Tuesday. So much for weekly Monday blog posts?! Im glad you noticed what day it is, and I’m even more happy you caught me slippin.’ Why would you appreciate such a thing Bri? Because I’m not slippin’ at all! I’m positioned exactly where I need to be right now. There’s no need to grab an umbrella for shade throwing. But, I’d be being completely dishonest if I said, I haven’t been frustrated with where I am lately. Just because we know there's purpose in a season, doesn't mean we enjoy each second in that season! These days, all I’ve been wanting is to be “ahead.” To be where I feel I should be. Where I want to be. 

Being a 22 year old, that has decided to allow God’s will to be fulfilled over my own can be petrifying! It’s his timing over mine, so that means it really doesn’t matter how bad I want to just advance. Timing and positioning is everything. Me being in a season of keeping my big mouth shut and being patient isn’t easy, but it’s crucial. Imagine if I could make things happen, or if I at least knew what and when things would starting blooming how I would like them to. I guarantee I’d ruin it! 



The biggest struggles this past year for me, have been knowing I’m capable, and feeling like I’m making progress, but then not truly seeing the big turn out I want. These, what I like to call, “False Starts” have made me feel doubtful. Doubt creates fear, which leads to forgetfulness. Forgetfulness of your purpose; God’s plan over your life. Get rid of that amnesia sis. God’s purpose for you literally never changes! 

I’m learning to embrace the false starts I’ve had. The second brand, the t-shirt line, the bookings I thought I’d have by now, etc. I’m learning to thank God for not allowing me to advance without truly being ready. He’s working on my heart and attitude daily. A huge issue for me is a lack of patience! I could have saved quite a lot of time and money, if I had not invested into these false starts. But, lessons are just simply lessons! It’s not a punishment, or meant for humiliation



I share all this with you today to remind you to be patient! Brilliance takes time. I want to lead a life that impacts people more than any occupation in this world, but what’s a testimony that saves lives without a test?! We can and will succeed if we persevere and have faith. Don’t tremble at your struggles, tell your struggles what they’re going to start doing FOR you. 

As always, I hope this has encouraged you to keep going. I hope you’ve found it enlightening that you’re not the only person who feels flustered from time to time. So, tell those false starts, failures, etc. that they’ve got the right one. The beautiful part is, God’s grace is sufficient, and you’re still both capable and worthy. No matter how many times you feel like a failure.



Thank you so much for stopping by!



"For I know the plans I have for you. Declares the Lord. Plans to Prosper you and not harm you. Plans to give you Hope and a Future." Jeremiah 29:11

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