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Easy-Peasy Night Routine!

Easy-Peasy Night Routine!



Hey loves! I'm so happy you've stopped by. This is a new kind of post for me, but I'm excited! 

So, about this night time routine! I've noticed the longer the week feels, the shorter amount of time I allow myself to actually have a routine before hopping in bed. I usually will take a shower, throw on any kind of comfy clothes I can find, say my night time prayers, and scroll on my phone for a while before dozing off. All that doesn't sound too bad right? Except it doesn't always feel the best. I mean, of course showering and praying does, but rushing in between those can be tiring in itself. 

How can I solve this issue? Making it more of a priority of course! The #newbeautyproductsattarget were right on time with this decision. The products I received were the Olay Regenerist whip, the Crest Gum Detoxify toothpaste, a Gillette Venus razor, and the Pantene foam conditioner! 

Firsts things first, I like to "wash the day off", in doing so, shaving tends to be apart of that. The Gillette Venus razor did a phenomenal job on giving my arm pits a smooth shave. I also felt like the smoothness lasted longer than other razors I've used. Usually but the next day I can feel them becoming prickly again, but with this bad boy that wasn't the case! I also love that the handle is metal, it made it easy to grip, and the movable cartridge made shaving tricky spots less difficult. 


Washing my face is also a must! Now, i'm sure you're wondering how a 22 year old could possibly need the Olay Regenerist whip-so was I! (haha), but my face loved it. It's definitely not just a wrinkle product. Anyone could use if you enjoy having soft and moisturized skin!


Lastly, clean teeth is the best way to end washing off my day. The Crest Gum Detoxify toothpaste really made my teeth and gums feel refreshed. I also enjoyed the taste not being overpowering.


I didn't get a chance to try the Pantene Foam conditioner yet, only because my hair currently is straight. If you've seen natural hair, then you totally understand that foam conditioner won't do it any justice while it's straight (haha). But, I'm grateful to receive the conditioner, and I do look forward to testing it out on a wash day soon!


So, there you have it. My day has been washed off, my skin is smooth, and my teeth are clean! At this point, I have on matching pajamas (because that really makes me feel like a fancy woman with her stuff together lol), and I'm about to say my prayers, and scroll on the internet. Sometimes, I'll pray, then still just have some gospel music playing in the background while I'm on social media!

My evening is complete, and I no longer feel unimpressed with my lack of TLC for myself. As always, I'm more than honored that you decided to stop by-have an amazing evening yourself, and conquer your day tomorrow! 

*These products were sent for reviewing/testing purposes only, I am not being compensating and all options are my own :)* 




Let's get Techy!

Let's get Techy!