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Winter Style with Jord

Winter Style with Jord

Attention all T-shirt People…


Did you know the t-shirt is the most popular clothing item? In fact, around 2 billion are sold each year! (The fact shop). That’s a lot of t-shirts, but what about accessories?! They’re important too. I recently added a new unique accessory to my wardrobe thanks to Jord Wood Watches. As you all know, this is not my first Jord time piece. 

I’m excited to add this new piece to my collection because Jord has launched a new line that’s totally out of the ordinary for their look. If I had to think of a catch phrase for this line it would be, Quality meets Chic! It’s a brand new look, but with the same Jord value


What I love about this watch is it’s ease to be styled. I don’t have to go over board to show it off, but I also don’t have to dress down. The marble on this specific piece is black, but that doesn’t mean I have to be matchy matchy! I actually brought it out even more by pairing it with this cream cable knit sweater and mauve tulle skirt. I even added color with burnt orange suede booties. Then went back to its roots (the black marble) with a black bucket bag! See? Simple but still chic. I’ve just set myself up for a day full of compliments.

No matter what watch you rock from any of their collections, they will captivate friends and strangers attention and spark a conversation! That’s just the affect a Jord time piece has. Not into watches yourself? No problem. I’m sure you know someone special who loves them, get them a gift they won’t forget by customizing a watch with an engraved backplate. You can also engrave the wood boxes! 

Other great facts about Jord’s watches: 

  • Most of them can be customized by mixing and matching different faces and woods. 

  • All watches can be fit to size 

  • All watches have a 1 year warranty 

  • All watches ship FREE WORLDWIDE

So, I have the perfect idea to help you no longer be a t-shirt hoarder. An opportunity of up to $100 off your own Jord time piece. The best part? Upon entering, you’ll automatically get a coupon for 10% off

Outfit Deets!  Sweater: Tj Maxx  Bucket bag + Earrings: Target  Skirt + Booties: Forever21  Watch: Jord of course!

Outfit Deets!

Sweater: Tj Maxx

Bucket bag + Earrings: Target

Skirt + Booties: Forever21

Watch: Jord of course!

Enter the giveaway here and check your email for your immediate discount code. Start brainstorming all the creative ways you’ll be styling your watch. Then, check your email again in a few weeks to see if you’ve won—May the best t-shirt hoarder win! Comment below if you’re a t-shirt person, or if you’ve entered the giveaway!

As always, thank you so much for stopping by my blog. My goal is to encourage you. Don’t forget to laugh today! 




This blog post is in collaboration with Jord Wood Watches, however all words and opinions are my own. I love my Jord team and hope you will too! 

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