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Embrace your New Beginning

Embrace your New Beginning

What's the Catch?


Hey boos- it’s a new week, which is no surprise. Monday is the start of a new week 52 times in a row. It’s expected. It’s factual. But, why do we allow ourselves to feel so out of place when new beginnings happen personally? When a beautiful new thing starts, and isn’t already on a holiday calendar? 

I know I’ve brought up the fact that I moved out this year, a lot, but it started off so out of place for me in every aspect. I started off loving my city view, and hating the parking tickets (still hate those). Then I started despising when a bill was due. I kept finding myself in a place of wonder. A place of very frustrating wonder. What was I thinking starting a new thing without old things before perfect? 


I had to put some points in perspective. It’s not about the bills, tickets, or job. It’s about growth. These 5 months I’ve been in my apartment have grown me up and expanded my mind beyond what I expected for myself. You can’t put a price on evolving! 

I’ve always been something who is hard on myself. I expect perfection in order to achieve greatness, and receive blessings. Moving out has taught me grace. There’s grace on us all for far more than we think. God’s not waiting for us to know everything, have all the money, or be perfect to come in and bless us. There is no catch after all!


So, what am saying and how do I feel now? I’m saying enjoy that new thing! It’s not so much about if you deserve it. Sure you’ll experience growing pains, but I feel right where I’m meant to be now.

Let this Monday be a start of trusting your journey like never before. You don’t have to be perfect to receive abundance, but you do have to keep going! So do just that. 

As always, thank you so much for stopping by! Don’t forget to keep being yourself boos! 





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