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Curb Goal Setting Blues!

Curb Goal Setting Blues!

Stop Planning + Stop Panicking?!


Hey loves, happy Monday! Before you get too deep into the hustle and bustle of Monday-Friday, allow me to pick your brain a bit (please). Have you ever tried to plan ahead of time? A day, a month, or even a year? I don't know about you all, but it seems like no matter the increment of time we try to make go our way, 24 hours, 30 days, or 365 days, life does it's own thing! 


I didn't ask that question to rev the trigger engine in your brain, but instead to encourage you to stop planning! Yes. Stop it. Now, I know what you're thinking: "This girl is coo-coo if she thinks I'm about to toss out my chic planner and cute doodles!" I feel ya, but I'm not insinuating throwaway your goals. I am however, suggesting you take head when mapping them out. That you don't allow yourself to become consumed with every single plan going as you wrote it out with your ball point pen. Don't create expectations for each idea to happen as if it were  a magic wish. Choose to stick with your dreams no matter what!


Goal setting is huge to me! But, plans for our lives are guidelines for our lives. Which in hine sight means, plans may not follow suit how you wanted them to, but they will always guide you on your path. All you have to do is keep going! So, allow me to rephrase what I imposed earlier: Don't stop planning, but instead stop panicking! Stop thinking you need to know everything, and putting yourself down when you're missing knowledge. Your plan (life guideline) will always lead you, just don't give up!

As always, your support is appreciated! Have a blessed week and don't let those plans run your emotions! 



Outfit Deets!

Linen Jumpsuit: Tj Maxx

Cotton Tee: H&M

Heels: Vince Camuto

Robo Clutch: Target 

"But as for you, be strong and don't give up, for your hard work will be rewarded."  1 Chronicles 4:10

Embrace your New Beginning

Embrace your New Beginning

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