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Challenge your Positivity

Challenge your Positivity

How'd you allow your Monday to go?


Happy Monday loves! I decided to post much later in the day to kind of test you and I, but don’t worry; this isn’t a pass or fail assignment. I just wanted to see how your Monday went! *insert smiling emoji* 


I’ll go first. I’m not sure about you all, but I had an awesome Monday. I went to bed a tad bit apprehensive about how today would go, due to seeing the new Purge movie, and not being able to sleep (talk about paranoid haha). I didn’t think I’d have much energy. I assumed I’d wake up late, or something would just totally throw my day off, and I’d blame it all on the M word: Monday. 



After calming my thriller movie jitters, I tucked myself in, scrolled on my phone for a bit, and said a prayer. I prayed to let the movie go (yes I really did), to have a good day regardless of a lack of sleep, and to be productive. That’s exactly what I did! Our attitude is our ultimate GPS, and we have to decide which way we go. Do we negative: an ugly bumpy road that eventually stops? Or do we choose positive: a fairly smooth road, that has detours here and there? 


Call me crazy, but I’ll take the fairly smooth, minor traffic, and detours. Why? Because that road doesn’t end. It has its ups and downs, but the journey goes on because I don’t quit. So, I’m challenging you and myself to choose to be positive this entire week! Even if you feel something may go wrong, get those doubts out your head. It’s actually a-okay to admit you’re afraid, but don’t let fear or negativity hold you back. 

A goal for me this month is to collab with a new brand, so I'm pressing forward and thinking positively until it happens!


This has been another Monday Justbriyourself Blog, and you’re still in the marathon. Keep going. Choose positivity! Comment below what you're expecting to see happen this week or month! 


“I can do all things through him who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13.




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