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Use What You Have

Use What You Have

Do What You Can

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Hey boos! It’s the beginning of a new week, and I’m looking forward to what it’ll bring. The weather here over the weekend was cold and gloomy, but my heart was not. I spent my time babysitting Friday night and part of Saturday morning and afternoon, but my time wasn’t wasted! When I got home from babysitting, I took a stance for myself.

My last two blog posts; Easy, Breezy, Patience and Back to the Drawing board have been parts of this new journey I’m taking on in my life. A new journey doesn’t mean I’ll be a different Bri, but an improved Bri. At the beginning of this year, I attended a weekly finance class. I even purchased a book to keep my money balanced, and pay off debt. I took lots of notes. Unfortunately, I didn’t truly apply any of this knowledge!

Although I’ve made many mistakes and unnecessary purchases this year; I’ve decided to take the stance to start being more purposeful with what I didn’t use in the past. In order to do this I had to take a step back and look at what I invest my time and energy in. This made me realize I had to spend less time on certain areas, or no time at all! I realized that in order to get to where I’d like to be, I have to use what I already have first.


I don’t believe God gives us any dream or desire of our heart for no reason. Sometimes the weight of what we’re after seems bigger than us, and it very well may be. But, God wants to see what we’ll do with what we already have. The money, job, and position we’re already in.

Vintage Bag, Denim, and Blazer are all from Salvation Army  Booties and Top are from Forever21

Vintage Bag, Denim, and Blazer are all from Salvation Army

Booties and Top are from Forever21

I’m learning I can’t be angry about what I haven’t done correctly. I didn’t apply the gems dropped in the class I disrupted my sleep to sit in earlier this year, but I still have all the knowledge, notes, and resources. I’m still capable, and my dreams are still valid. So are yours! Not only should we be using what we already have, but we should also be embracing it. Even if it’s a struggle at the moment, it’s a testimony and road map for later.

So, embrace this Monday and this week. You’re going to look back a few months from now, and be so proud you didn’t allow yourself to be discouraged with not having it all right now!

Be blessed. Be inspired.



I'm not Booked and Busy

I'm not Booked and Busy

Easy, Breezy, Patience?

Easy, Breezy, Patience?