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I'm not Booked and Busy

I'm not Booked and Busy

… And thats OKAY!


Hey loves - Happy Monday! Allow me to start off by saying; I appreciate you so much! Ahh, okay let’s talk. 

So, lately I’ve been playing the comparison game with myself and those around me. From my career, to blogging, and status in general. It’s totally knocked me on my back these last few months. My energy and confidence has been low. 


I’m sharing this because I’m no longer ashamed! I’m not longer hiding my issues of the heart I’ve been dealing with. The mask is off now. God has really been revealing my own heart to me. As he reveals my short comings that I need to change, I’ve done my best to give them to him. They’re simply too heavy for me to carry.


The beautiful part about all this is, he’s not only revealing flaws, but also embracing me while restoring me. He’s humbled me and it’s been hard to stop wanting to be in control myself, but he still builds me up. 

All the mind games I’ve been playing on myself have been due to wanting to appear like I have things going on. Wanting the status of “Booked and Busy”  has made me act totally out of character, and honestly made me attempt to do things out of God’s plan/will over my life. 


I’ve decided to take responsibility and take charge in a healthier direction. I don’t have to buy new clothes, or create weekly blog posts to “keep up.” It’s time to get back to just being myself!

I love you all so much, and more than anything I’m grateful for this season because I know it’s prepping me for my biggest dreams and aspirations. I’ve got this, and so do you! Thank you so much for stopping by!



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